why ALL MEN CHEAT on Loyal Women

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got me thinking backwards over a few thing!

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By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow@fuel4thebody

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When I confessed to my EX’s questioning of my fidelity over a year ago, all she could say was “wow”. She seemed very taken aback by my answer. So today, when I was asked ‘why men cheat’ by a young lady during a Public Speaking event, I was initial hesitant to share the full conversation me and my EX had about her suspicion of my lack of loyalty.

“Can you tell me why all men cheat on loyal Women?” a curly haired PreMed student asked me today, during my public speak to a room full of 300 Women. My response to her question was,

“Males cheat on loyal women to boost their ego. A woman can be perfect for him. Beautiful, career minded, own money, cooks, does whatever he wants her to do in bed, loyal, intelligent, educated, faithful and…

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Why are Africans NOT united
Opening Date: Thursday, August 21 2014
Time: from 6 pm
Venue: Kuona Trust Gallery

The show will run until the 4th of September and thereafter tour other African cities including Lagos, Johannesburg and Addis Ababa over the next few months.

This conceptual photography exhibition consist of works produced by Nigerian film director,producer and photographer, Taye Balogun and photographed by professional Kenyan photographer Mutua Matheka. It traces the vision of African Unity by the continent’s past leaders (Kwame Nkrumah, Muammar Gaddafi, Julius Nyerere amongst others). The work on display aims to provoke reactions from the audience, and push for collaborative effort to foster African Unity.

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Masterclass: The Inner Life of Sentences – A Fiction Masterclass

With: Okwiri Oduor and Teju Cole

Time: Fri 19th September 2pm – 5pm

Venue: Nairobi National Museum

Not all narratives are equally memorable. How does a story go from something that is simply told to something that takes hold of the reader and won’t let go? Okwiri and Teju will work with twenty-five students to show how editing can help transform an ordinary story into something special.

Okwiri Oduor is the winner of the 2014 Caine Prize for her short story “My Father’s Head”. She is a 2014 MacDowell Colony fellow. Okwiri Oduor published her first novella, “The Dream Chasers”, in 2011. It was highly commended by the Commonwealth Book Prize, 2012. She is currently at work on her debut novel.

Teju Cole is writer, art historian, street photographer and the author of Every Day is…

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One of the most interesting reads I’ve read in a long time! So cool and insiteful!

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So...yeah.  Right now there’s a lot of talk about a tumblr called WomenAgainstFeminism.  It’s just pictures of some women holding up handwritten signs entitled “I don’t need feminism because...”  Some of the reasons they give for not needing feminism almost seem like a parody (“How the fuck am I suppose to open jars and lift heavy things without my husband?”) and some (“I don’t need to grow out my body hair to prove I’m equal to men”) just make me wonder where in the world they got their definition of feminism.

At first I considered starting my own “I Don’t Need _____ Because” tumblr with people holding equally baffling signs.  Signs like:



I don’t need air because LOTS OF IT…

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and I wish—

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This is definitely worth a read!

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For the flow of tears to find another river to fill,
than that of mine own

Such is the wish.
How can one want so much,
and yet, when it comes to a single tender touch,
the willing of all else matters not.
For to feel the caress upon my cheek, tenderly,
it is then only to this, my wish is sought.
All else matters naught.

Though I feel the thunder within my ears of mine heart beating
the pulse traverses to passions unto its own.
Another wash of tears bear down the river for mine is the ears that can only hear
a wish, a singular hope,
matching the rhythm of a thousand drums piercing mine very own soul.
What can it take, for what must be the toll…

and I wish upon the very voice singing within my pulse,
beating, flowing and pounding at my hopes

How I…

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I need to really read these books seriously!

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Between Tolkien’s immense novel and Peter Jackson’s incredible adaptation, The Lord of the Rings has more interesting little tidbits than every novel I’ve read from the list combined.

I found this exhaustive list of “facts you never knew” on Empire Online, so I thought I’d share 10 of my favorites with you.

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 i Patriot

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Do you know what it is to fight for your own?

We claim to be patriots but why would you die for your country?

Why put on an amour when you know you’re going to die?


I think being a PATRIOT is for one, loving yourself and everything you hold dear.

It is being loyal to you and to some extent selfish.

It is not wanting anyone to do anything wrong by you; like if someone else litters your compound and you’re very sure it wasn’t you, you declare war on that person and make sure they never do it again.

It (Patriotism) is wanting everything good for you and striving to achieve that and nothing less.


If we were really patriotic we would then rise above ourselves to achieve more for our country for our sake and not just to kick away the enemy, but to make sure you send them away in a way that they wouldn’t dare come back or even plot against us.

To be patriotic means you would die for what you know and feel and see is just for your country for your sake.

It is being stupid in the eyes of others but right in your own country’s eyes because the country is yours and you are your country.


So I write these, to let you know that I love me and I am my country.